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XXII Sunday in Ordinary Time

Offering our life with love

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Dear brothers and sisters, Fiat!

Some insights on the text of the gospel.

"Jesus began to show his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer greatly…and be killed and on the third day be raised."

It was not easy even for Jesus to make such a talk, to know and to think of His death that would have happened shortly and in a very hard manner. Jesus was fully aware of His mission and how this mission should be accomplished through  the sacrifice of the greatest love: giving life.


He often spoke openly of that, in precise announcements and in some parables (eg the Vineyard and the Murdered Son). Certainly, Jesus did that also to prepare His disciples, to remove them from any human imagination about the kingdom He preached.

"Then Peter took Jesus aside and began to rebuke him: no such thing shall ever happen to you." Peter had just before received a praise and a promise from Jesus and perhaps he felt obliged to "collaborate" with His work, even with that recall.

Jesus gave a very clear, almost tough answer: " Get behind me, Satan! You are an obstacle to me. You are thinking not as God does, but as human beings do. " Jesus took up His cross for love and invited us to take up our crosses, not to throw them away, because they are our salvation

Peter thought according to common mentality. We are aware that this sentence is very clear, concrete, and current also for us, for people in our environment, even for the Christians who wish to have good will. It's easy, instinctive, thinking as people do, following the speeches and ideas of people. It is so easy to have no other perspectives, deeper values, thoughts, plans, and ways of God.

Let us ask: how many times do we neglect the thought and the Word of God? We could examine ourselves about the choices of life, the values and goals we have set ourselves,  about the facts and the problems of society, of humanity, especially of the poor on earth. What is the thought of God?

In the face of certain expressions, such as "The most important thing is health" (which we then waste in so many ways) or the well-established belief (even though unspoken) that the only things that matter are money, well-being, career, social position, life on this earth…What is the thought of God? He is light and truth, not only for a few years, but forever


The apostle Paul said, "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will."

According to God's thought, the new and true way is to live and employ our own existence and energies in a life of love, united to Him, in a life of offering to Him also for the good of others. It is a life of love as opposed to  a life selfishness: the examples are so many and we have them always under our eyes: Young people and adults who are generous, committed, and who are beautiful for their goodness, righteousness, love, and sacrifice for their neighbor.

This is the true cross that we must take and bear united to Jesus every day, and this is the way of salvation on this earth and to eternal salvation. We will only bring with us what we have offered with love. The rest is illusion, mirage, vanity, worldliness.


Jesus taught Luisa that a soul who lives in the Divine Will has always been inseparable from her Creator. She was with us from all Eternity. The Divine Will brought her to God’s laps to love, court and enjoy her, and since then, He has felt her love palpitating in Him.

Since the souls that live, and will live, in the Fiat are inseparable from Him, they were coming down with Him when He, the Eternal Word, came down from Heaven to earth in the excess of His love. They were guided by the Heavenly Queen; they formed His people, His loyal army, His living Royal Palace, in which He was true King of these children of His Divine Will.

He would never have come down from Heaven without the court of His people; without a reign in which He could dominate with His laws of love. All the centuries are just like a point for God, in which everything is His, in action.

Therefore, when the Son of God came down from Heaven as dominator and king of His children, He felt courted and loved - as only God can do - and His love was such that His children were all conceived together with Him. He just couldn’t be without them; He couldn’t have tolerated not finding His loving children. So they grew with Him in the womb of His Queen Mother; they were born together with Him, cried with Him, did everything He did. They walked, worked, prayed and suffered together with Him, and He can say that they were with Him even on His Cross, to die and rise again to new life for human generations.

The kingdom of the Divine Will is already established. God knows its numbers, He knows them all by name. He already feels them palpitating in ardent love. The children of the Divine Volition will have in their power His conception, His birth, His steps, pains and tears; they will be able to be conceived and born again as many times as they want; they will feel His steps and pains in theirs. Since in the Divine Will, Jesus’ life and birth are repeated and renewed in every instant, they can take them for themselves, give them to others, or do whatever they want. He knows that they would never do what He does not want. These children, born again, formed and fed by the Divine Will, will be the true glory of Creation; they will crown the creative work, placing the seal of their love in every created thing for the One Who did all for them and loved them so much.

don Marco
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