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Acts in the Divine Will: Creative – Redemptive – Sanctifying Fiat

“In all truth I tell you: whoever believes in Me will perform the same works as I do Myself, and will perform even greater works, because I am going to the Father” (Jn 14,12).

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Luisa writes that everything is in the Divine Will and that It wants to operate in everything.  In order to grow in It, we must call It into everything that we do, both the natural and the spiritual, so that It may extend Its life in everything, in every one of our tiniest acts.  Without diminishing in any way, the Divine Will gives Its Love to the souls who invoke It in order to be loved, His sanctity in order to render them holy, His light in order to eclipse their passions, their human will.

Every created thing (Creative Fiat), every act of Jesus’ Humanity (Redemptive Fiat), every act of the Spirit Sanctifier (Sanctifying Fiat) contains an infinite value and infinite effects for the good of everyone because they are animated by the Divine Will, by the same Divine Nature of God.  The divine life to which we are called is to go deeper and deeper in order to get as close as possible to the experience of the interior, religious, and moral life of Jesus Christ, to arrive at being what the Father thought of when He created us, faithful to our true being, made in the image and likeness of God.

Much constancy and divine nourishment are needed for this, drawing it from all the things that contain it, to pass to a higher level, fusing oneself in the Divine Will.  Fusing oneself in the Divine Will and making rounds through the things contained in It means precisely to recognize this divine nourishment of channels of love, graces, and communications between created things, taking it and nourishing the seed of the Divine Life that God deposited in us, to make it grow and bring it to everyone, to thank and love God for everyone.  The divine Life grows in the soul, but with such energy that it can be compared to that child who, growing in good air and with healthy food, grows always well, in full health, until he reaches a reasonable height, without needing doctors or medicines, indeed so robust and strong as to relieve and help others.

With the prayer of the Rounds, the soul makes a pious pilgrimage throughout the whole Universe; she enters into contact with the divine qualities diffused in creation and with acts of love, praise, thanksgiving, blessing and reparation; she learns to live in the Kingdom of the Divine Will and impetrates Its coming on the earth.

Beginning from Creation and uniting herself to it, with her acts the soul penetrates the life of the Supreme Fiat which gave origin to and sustains the world, and pronouncing her fiat in the Creative Fiat, she gives to Creation the exchange of love for all created things.  She gives them voice, impressing an “I love You” for every star in the sky, for every drop of water in the sea, for every blade of grass that grows on the earth.

In these rounds that the soul does in the Divine Will, nothing of personal interest enters, but everything is only for the glory of God.  Here we find all of His creative power as in the act of putting forth the great machine of the Universe, infinite channels of graces and of special love between the Supreme Majesty and the creature.  They are powerful, holy, universal acts and they multiply themselves to the infinite through the lifeblood that circulates in the whole Universe because when one created thing is reached, as members of the same head, all the others are reached.  The creating and preserving power of the Divine Will is once again in act. It is as if we are assisting in a new creation. And it is Jesus Himself who affirms this when He tells Luisa that the acts in the Divine Will can create more beautiful things than those already done, worlds more beautiful than those already made, worlds of all the worlds.

In this fusion in the Divine Will, the soul can do even more by going back into creation.  She can arrive at the point where Adam had made the first act of subtracting his will from the Divine and annihilate her own will in the Divine one in order to perform an act of reparation at the act of pride that Adam committed and to restore all that glory to the Supreme Volition, as if Adam had not withdrawn from It, as if the Divine Will had ever been offended.

After Creation, the soul passes onto rounds in Redemption with new acts that accompany Jesus in His life on earth, to hook onto the acts that Jesus (re)did for every single creature. And Jesus repeatedly tells Luisa that since the Supreme Majesty emitted so much love in all created things from His All-Powerful Fiat to the human race, it was right that His Divine Son, in His own Fiat with which He operated Redemption, do as many acts in order to reciprocate It with His love.  His first task, as He came to earth, was to form many acts in the Eternal Fiat for as many as the Heavenly Father had done in Creation and, weaving the two FIATs to make another human and divine Fiat rise up from the earth, to kiss each other, braid together and substitute for the exchange of love of all creatures. Now this task passes directly to the creatures, of which Luisa is the first, to form many acts in the Sanctifying Fiat, weaving them with those of Creation and Redemption.

The Creative Fiat, which scattered so much love in the Universe, had its sweet and harmonious company with the Redemptive Fiat, but now, this Fiat does not want to remain in two.  It wants to be in three.  It wants the third Fiat, where the Holy Spirit is the protagonist who returns the divine likeness to the baptized. If in the Creative Fiat our acts are in communication with the Father's creative power and in the Redemptive Fiat they cry out together with the wounds of Jesus for our forgiveness, in the Sanctifying Fiat they restore to the Father all the Glory that is due to Him. These are solemn acts that set Heaven and earth in motion. With them we enter the sphere of the Most Holy Trinity. They reconnect to the one and continuous Act of God.  They help sinners and free  souls from Purgatory. They have a universal effect, but only Jesus, in His Divine Will, knows to whom to direct them. With the creature living in the Divine Will, the Divine Majesty will feel in her the echo of His Will, the generative force that always generates love and glory, and the continuous repetition of His own Life, of His own acts ... where the Fiat reigns, it continually generates without ever ending, giving life to new and great works that will serve as the most beautiful ornament of the Divine Heavenly Fatherland.


My Life, I enter into Your Volition

to be able to extend myself in everyone and in everything.

I want to seal everything with Your Will,

so that You may receive from everyone

the glory of Your Power,

of Your Love,

of Your Holiness.



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