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“May Jesus’ wounds and Mary’s sorrows give me the grace to make rise again my will in the Divine Will.”

5. Jesus' death

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“At the Cross her station keeping, stood the mournful Mother weeping, close to her Son to the last. Through her heart, His sorrow sharing, all His bitter anguish bearing, now at length the sword has passed.” (Stabat Mater)

The piercing of the sword that Simeon had announced is now even more cruel. Mary is impotent, under the Cross. She is awaiting the final act of that agonizing day: the death of her Son, who is her only Good, her own life. And consciously she must survive all this.

She experiences, defenceless, so much torment, and has her gaze fixed on her most innocent Son who agonizes in a sea of pains, of torments, suspended between Heaven and earth. She sees Him immobilized, after He has been savagely tortured, on two wooden boards with three nails, in His hands and feet.

In the midst of so much pain She is forced to watch the soldiers' mockery, to hear the insults of passers-by to Her crucified Son " Aha! You who would destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days, save yourself, and come down from the cross!” (Mark 15:29 - 30). She can offer to Him, only her tears  as the only relief.

But that sword in the heart of Mary has not yet finished its run: in the midst of so many tortures, Jesus, turning His languid gaze towards her, makes her Mother not only of the whole humanity, but of His own executioners. Jesus considers  the whole human race in John, who is beside her: "Woman, behold your son!" And to John: "Behold your mother!"

As we know, the children are not all the same. They give satisfactions and problems, but for a mother and a father there are no differences: their love is distributed equally among their children. And Jesus knows that Mary will welcome everyone and will take care of each one of them.

In those like John, she will find comfort, support, instead in the others, only bitter sufferings, new stabs, but she will not abandon them to themselves. She will be next to them to save them, so that, in this way, the voice of the Blood of her Son can continue to say to her heart: "My Mother, I entrust all of my children to You; feel for them all the love that You feel for Me. May all your maternal cares and tendernesses be for my children. You will save them all for Me! " (The twenty-four hours of the Passion of N.S.G.C.).

Sin has caused all sorts of evil in man! When the creature escaped from the Will of the Celestial Father, she committed a grave fault. The Will of God is all beauty, but the creature fell into the deepest abyss of her miseries. She even came to give death to her own Creator Who, for His immeasurable love for her, so as not to lose her, allows Himself to be killed.

The miserable creature, however, ignores what is most profound behind that death: a salvation that has already been established for her and for all, as a reparation to the pride of the first sinner.

For these reasons Mary experiences the sorrow for the killing of her son in the most adorable silence, with restraint: Jesus' death served to restore the life of the ungrateful creature.

The Virgin Mary lives her drama in the divine Fiat. The divine Fiat gave the Son to Her and in the Divine Fiat she received Him. Now in the same Fiat , she gives Him back. And always in the same Fiat, she becomes the Mother of sinners, because she can not deny anything to the Divine Will.

In the Divine Fiat, she dies, crucifies her whole life together with her crucified Son and by virtue of the same Fiat, every time she reacquires fortitude, seas of infinite light, of joy, of happiness together with the seas of her bitter sorrows. Her sufferings and those of her beloved Son,  that were all voluntary, served to "embalm" the human will, to fortify it so that it could dispose itself to receive the life of the Divine Will.

The heavenly Mother, Virgin and Martyr, stands under the Cross and redeems humanity together with her Son. She adopts all men to teach them to fulfill the mystery of God in each one of us. So Mary, the co-redemptress, makes those who are available, people who know how to "repair" the sin of the world, that life that has been broken in Eden and has been recomposed by Christ,  from the Incarnation to the Cross. In this divine action, Mary is called to accompany her children to the encounter with Her Son and the Heavenly Father.

One who wants to live in the Divine Will and like Mary and together with her, crucifies her senses for love of the crucifixion of the Lord and tries to copy the virtues of His crucifixion within herself, participates in the fifth sorrow of the heavenly Mother.

This soul repairs the offenses, the ingratitudes of so many people who do not want to recognize the benefits that Jesus has given to all by giving us Mary as Mother. Moreover, this soul thanks Jesus, for everyone, for the dearest of His gifts to creatures and with the same love of the Son, she loves the divine Mother so that Mary can find, in her, the same content that She found in Jesus.

And even Jesus finds in this soul all content, all the tenderness and maternal care that He found in His Mother.

Under the Cross we have been entrusted to Her, under her maternal gaze let’s imitate her virtues, let’s remain faithful and obedient to her, let us ask her to guide all our acts so that they may have life in the Divine Will and give glory to our Heavenly Father .


Holy Mother, let me share your pain with you

for your divine Son who wanted to suffer for me.

May His wounds and your sorrows

give me the grace to make rise again

my will in the Divine Will.


don Marco
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