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Oh! the happiness of a soul who lives of Faith!

Her flight is always toward Heaven. In everything that happens to her, she always looks at herself in God.

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It was a pleasure to meet Graciela, Amancia and Juan Carlos from Colombia. The visit to the places of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta was a fundamental step in their pilgrimage. The Divine Will is the source of all good and the surest means to overcome  all the difficulties that life gives  us.

"Luisa is a magnet that attracts our hearts and unites them to Jesus! .... She was the way to the conversion and sanctification of my soul for the benefit of my family ... Luisa wounded my heart and allowed me to follow the path to Heaven. "(Graciela)

 "My daughter, I did not make man for the earth, but for Heaven; his mind, his heart, and everything that his interior contains were to exist in Heaven". (Jesus to Luisa)


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