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OPEN DAY May 27, 2018

Despite Luisa was confined to bed, her spirituality turns out to be "attractive", and for this reason it continues to arouse amazement and interest.

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On Sunday, May 27, the Association Luisa Piccarreta organized an open day dedicated to Luisa Piccarreta. On that occasion the house museum and the "seed" exhibit were open all day, to give the possibility to the people of Corato and not only to visit and get know, more closely,  Luisa’s life, her places and her message.

Many people welcomed the invitation: the house was visited by many people who came in groups, with the family or individually; they were guided to visit the places by the volunteers of the association. There was so much curiosity and amazement, especially when people learned that Luisa was not only the holy woman who was bedridden for about sixty years, but that in those years, Jesus gave her revelations about the life in the Divine Will. They were even more amazed to hear that Luisa wrote those revelations into 36 volumes for obedience to her confessor, although she attended only the first grade. These books are a Gift that she first experienced and then she left it for future generation.

The visitors asked many questions about Luisa's suffering and the meaning of living in the Divine Will. They wanted to know why Luisa is so well known all over the world and not in Corato. There were also the testimonies of those who, in some way, felt the closeness of Luisa even if for the first time they visited those places, showing so much emotion and the desire to deepen that knowledge.

In the afternoon, at 6.00 pm, at the Council Room of the Municipality of Corato, there was the presentation of the publication of the proceedings of the International Conference held in Corato in April 2015: "Church in the Divine Will".

There were Corato Mayor Massimo Mazzilli, the Vicar General of the Archdiocese Monsignor Giuseppe Pavone, don Sergio Pellegrini, the president of the Rotas Publishing House, Renato Russo and Monsignor Domenico Marrone who presented the book.

After the greetings of the mayor and the vicar who emphasized the strong collaboration between the Association Luisa Piccarreta and the diocese, it was the turn of the president of the Rotas Publishing House: He affirmed that he was pleased to commit to publishing the proceedings of the conference as a more complete contribution to a human and spiritual knowledge of Luisa Piccarreta as an important figure in the history of Apulia.

In his talk entitled "Christian Life and ordinary Sanctity", Monsignor Domenico Marrone referred to the Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis, "Gaudete et exultate". He emphasized that "daily life is an exemplary place for spiritual life; holiness belongs to common life, it is an extraordinary way of living ordinary Christian life. ... it is the meeting of human weakness with the power of Grace; in short, everyday life is a school of prayer, a hymn of praise to God ".

Everyday life is the place of the Incarnation. Through it, God enters the daily life of men: in Christ, God and man meet in an exemplary way; Christ is "the life of man in God and the life of God in man".

We are all called to be holy by living our lives with love and by bearing witness in everything we do, wherever we find ourselves. 

Many decisive events in the history of the world were influenced by mystical souls unknown to history; Luisa is certainly one of these souls. Her life, for over 60 years, was in union with the suffering Christ, a life of uniformity to the will of God, with the work of tombolo,  a life of poverty and absolute detachment from earthly goods, in a state of continuous prayer.

She was a great, yet hidden, example of victim of expiation who consumed herself on the daily altar of her bed of pain. She brought on her body a suffering that even if it precluded her the joy of earthly happiness, it allowed her to know the most pleasing joys of the life of the spirit, in union with God.

Monsignor Marrone concluded his speech by quoting Pope Francis once again: "I often associate holiness with patience ... to be constant in going forward, day by day ... It is about doing  ordinary things extraordinarily well!”.

After the final greetings of Michele Colonna, the president of the Association Luisa Piccarreta and the public comment, don Sergio concluded the meeting recalling the late Archbishop Giovan Battista Pichierri and read the appeal that Archbishop Pichierri addressed to Luisa, at the end of the 4th International  Conference

In this appeal there is a question that Benedetta Mangione (a disciple of Luisa) addressed to Luisa. Benedetta asked Luisa if she knew when she would be a saint on earth. Luisa answered: "a lot of money is needed to make saints on earth, this will happen only at the end of my earthly life, turned up to earth and to the heavens!".



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