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Sixth excess of love: Restrained or imprisoned love

“My mother! My mother! Maternal love surpasses all loves; so you will love me with the love of a peerless Mother”

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During the Novena of Holy Christmas, while about to begin the sixth hour of meditation, Luisa had the impression that the Queen Mama made her a little room and placed her in Her womb to please Jesus, who ardently desired to have the company of His little daughter, Luisa. But alas, there was such and so much darkness that Luisa could not see baby Jesus. She only felt His breath and voice inviting her to contemplate another excess of His love: Restrained or imprisoned love.

This excess had made Him pass from an immensity of light, because He is eternal Light, so much so that the sun is a shadow of His Light, to a deep darkness which was His Mother's womb and where there was not a glimmer of light; it was always night. To the darkness of His Mother's womb was added the darkness of the faults of creatures. Every sin was a night for Him and the sins of all, coming together, formed an abyss without bounds.

At this point, one could argue that every child, before being born, lives in the darkness of the maternal womb. But Jesus explains to Luisa that His condition in the womb of His Mother was very painful, because His little Humanity had the perfect use of reason and infinite wisdom. So, from the first moment of His conception, He understood His entire painful state and was aware of the obscurity of the maternal prison. It was a long night of nine months!

Besides the darkness was the narrowness of the womb that forced Him to remain perfectly still and always in silence. He was neither allowed to wander nor to sob to vent out His grief. How many tears did Jesus not pour into the shrine of His Mother's womb, without making the slightest movement, and all for the love of creatures. In return, Jesus received and still receives the coldness of ingratitude. For this reason He cries because He wants to be loved, but He is not. He wants to renew all the love of the Incarnation in souls, but does not find who to give it to. In the Incarnation He found His Queen Mama who gave Him the field to vent His love and to receive in her Motherly Heart all the love rejected by creatures. She was the custodian of His rejected love and the sweet company of His sufferings; her ardent love dried His tears. As soon as the Son was conceived in her womb, Mary began the interweaving with His acts, and since the Humanity of Jesus had no other life, no other food, nor any other purpose than the sole Will of the Heavenly Father, she too, as her intertwining began with Jesus, gave back to the Father the rights of Creator in the name of all.

Jesus then continues to explain to Luisa how the greatest works cannot be done alone, but that it takes at least two or three as custodians and nourishment of the same work, because without nourishment the works cannot have life. As the Celestial Queen was the Divine custodian of all the goods of the Incarnation, in the same way He wants other souls to imitate her, because to form His works He needs the company of the creature who is at His disposal to receive the great good He wishes to bestow.

Jesus asks Luisa if she wants to be His second mother to receive the great good of the renewal of His Incarnation as dowry for the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat. Naturally, Jesus makes the same request to every creature, because He desires to make us all His children to become the glory of the Father and of the Son.

Let us meditate on this excess and accept His invitation. It will seem as if we feel His little hands on our face caressing it as He says: “My mother! My mother! Maternal love surpasses all loves; so you will love Me with the love of a peerless Mother”.

Tonia Abbattista
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