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The gifts of the Holy Spirit: "Knowledge"

The Divine Will will give us the gift of infused knowledge, which will be like a divine eye for us

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When we talk about science, we mean a system of knowledge obtained through a research activity which, with methodical and rigorous procedures, has the aim of coming to a description of the reality in which man lives and of laws governing nature, the universe. Almost immediately the accent falls on the contrast between faith and science as if they run on parallel lines: on the one hand discoveries,  science demonstrations, , on the other, faith.

It is also true that, in parallel to those who do not believe and want to separate science from faith, there are scientists, researchers, according to whom "science is an extraordinary tool to unveil the secrets of nature that bears the imprints of the One who did the World " and who, by their faith, state that" Science has never discovered anything that is contrary to the existence of God. God exists and the universe  is proof of His existence "(A. Zichichi).

The universe was not born in chaos, but from the hands of a Creator who has rigorously created it and by love has given it to us.

The Holy Spirit intervenes to give us light on this dilemma and brings with Himself the gift of Knowledge. This gift is given to those who dispose themselves to receive it, in order to understand, through creation, the greatness and love of God, and above all His relationship with creatures, and to give the soul a new look on creation .

It is therefore a matter of looking with faith, admiration and wonder at all the work of the universe, with its cycles, its changes that have always drawn the interest of man, pushing him to research. It happens, however, that the researcher almost always penetrate his desire to know so much that he forgets his limits, the origin of the world and his own origins.

The book of Genesis describes all of God's work to make an orderly, perfect world, born of his love. It tells us that God, first, was pleased to see at the end of each day that it was a good thing and that when He came to the top of His work, man's creation, He said it was very good!

The gift of Knowledge allows not only to know, but also to judge correctly the natural life of creatures, their work, their relationships that arise from the correct relationship they have with the Creator

Jesus teaches to Luisa that all of divine science is contained in upright operating. In fact, that which is upright contains everything beautiful and good that can be found; it contains order, utility, beauty, mastery. A work is good insofar as it is well ordered, but if the threads appear crooked, and placed crookedly, one does not understand anything, and can see nothing but something disorderly, which will be neither useful nor good.

This is why, from the greatest to the smallest things God our Father have made, they all appear orderly, and all of them serve a useful purpose – because the fount from which they came was His upright operating. Now, as much as a creature is good, so much divine science she will contain within her; as much as she is upright, so many good things will come from her. A crooked thread in her operating is enough to put herself in disorder as well as the works that come from her, and to obfuscate the divine science that she contains.

The Holy Spirit, through the gift of Knowledge, teaches us to know, to love all the reality around us, without commanding and dominating. With a humble attitude It teaches us to always thank God for His attestation of love: nature with its varieties of species, its colors, its perfections, but also  with its diversity.

The gift of Knowledge enlightens us, shakes us, calls us to glorify God, to tell His wonders and experience the great dignity to which God raised man, making him His Son. Adam had the privilege of living all this.

It is Jesus Himself who explains this to Luisa: Adam possessed the knowledge of all the things of this earth; he had the science of all plants, of all herbs and of the virtue which each of them contained; he had the science of all species of animals and of how he should use them; he had the science of music, of singing, of writing, of medicine, in sum, of everything. And if the generations possessed each one its special science, Adam possessed them all. See, then, how it is necessary for one who must be the head to enclose within himself all the good which he must share with others; Adam, being head of all generations it was necessary for him to enclose within himself all the good which he must share with others.

The same with Luisa, as Jesus called her as the head of a special mission. Here it is not about human sciences, but about the science of sciences, which is the Divine Will, science all of Heaven. Jesus wanted Luisa to enclose within herself all the seeds which the Divine Will contains. Jesus  says to her that the more acts she does in It, and the more knowledges she acquires, the more rays of light she will place on the Sun of the Divine Will, so that, with greater fullness of light, It will be able to diffuse more for the good of the generations

Luisa also writes in her diary that while she was thinking to herself where God has done more for the creature: in the Creation, in the Redemption, or in the Sanctification,  Jesus, moving in her interior, showed her the whole Creation. How much sublimeness! What magnificence! How many harmonies! What order! There is not one point, either in Heaven or on earth, in which God has not created something special and distinct – and with such mastery that the greatest scientists, before the smallest thing created by God, feel that all of their science and mastery is an absolute nothing compared to the things created by God, which are full of life and of motion.

All created things are like many veils that hide Him; and God comes to us as though veiled in each created thing, because man is incapable of seeing Him unveiled in His mortal flesh. The love of God for us is so great, that in order not to dazzle us with His light, frighten us with His power, make us feel ashamed in front of His beauty, annihilated before His immensity, He veils Himself in the created things, so as to come in each created thing and be with us - even more, to make us swim in His very Life.

The Redemption was nothing other than a reparation of the evils that creatures had done; It added nothing to the work of Creation. But with the third Fiat, the Fiat of Sanctification, God will give man more lights, more graces so that he may return to his original state of creation, to his origin.

The Divine Will will give to the creature the gift of infused knowledge, which will be like a divine eye for her and God acts like a teacher who wants to make display of his knowledge with his little disciple: he puts everything out of what he knows, and the disciple listens, fills his mind and heart.

The  pure creature who is empty of everything, wanting nothing else but the Divine Will, among the many prerogatives, will reacquire the gift of infused knowledge - a gift which will be her guide in order to know the Divine Being, facilitating for her the unfolding of the Kingdom of the Divine Will in her soul; and it will be her guide in the order of natural things, it will be like the hand that guides her in everything, and will manifest the life of the Divine Will palpitating in all created things and the good It continuously offers to her.

This gift was given to Adam in the beginning of his creation; together with the Divine Will he possessed the gift of infused knowledge, in such a way that he knew the divine truths with clarity; and not only those, but all the beneficial virtues that all created things possessed for the good of the creature – from the largest thing down to tiniest blade of grass. As she rejected the Divine Will by doing her own, the Fiat withdrew Its life and the gift of which It had been the bearer; therefore Adam remained in the dark, without the true and pure light of the knowledge of all things.

As the life of the Divine Will returns into the creature, the gift of infused knowledge will also return. This gift is inseparable from the Divine Will, just as the light is inseparable from the heat; and wherever It reigns It forms the eye full of light in the depth of the soul, who, looking with this divine eye, acquires the knowledge of God and of created things, as much as it is possible for a creature.

Infused knowledge sees and comprehends, much more than natural things, without effort, the divine truths, the most difficult knowledges of the Supreme Being – but with a marvelous ease, with no artifice and with no study.


O Father, give us your Holy Spirit,

Infuse into us the gift of knowledge,

So that we can know, love, live

The Divine Will


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