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United by one, single WILL. Retreat in CASTEL PETROSO and CORATO

From October 7 to October 8

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We are a group of people from various regions of Italy: Puglia, Sicily, Campania and Basilicata. On  Sunday, October 7, with the grace of the Lord we met for the first time to experience  a precious moment of prayer, study and above all  of sharing on the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta and the Divine Will. We were accompanied by our priests.

For many, myself included, this was the first retreat. Going personally to the places we often imagined through  the passages taken from the various volumes, produced in each and  every one of us a considerable awareness, joy and a great desire to experience this wonderful GIFT as much as possible.

We began on Sunday morning at Castel Petroso with a masterful and warm lesson held by Bishop Bregantini who as a good FATHER welcomed us with a warm hug. Through a journey he awakened in us the joy of being CHILDREN of GOD and not slaves, a concept that JESUS  clarified to Luisa far and wide in the 36 books of Heaven.

Then, everything was summarized by Don Cilla' talk. He gave a theological framework of Luisa’s Writings through a magisterial document, Pope Ratzinger's encyclical "DEUS CARITAS EST" number 17.

All of us were spiritually edified from one another, we were in perfect communion of thought, we did not know each other, but we were united by a single WILL.

The presence of our CELESTIAL MOTHER did not fail. She gathered us for the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. We said the prayer to our Lady of Pompei  and Don Cilla gave us passionate meditations on the Virgin Mary  taken from Luisa’s  WRITINGS.

Also in Corato during the Mass concelebrated by Don Marco and then when we visited the Association Luisa Piccarreta  and the convent of the Sisters of Divine Zeal we continued to meditate on the Writings of Luisa and to be many hearts, souls, intellects and wills that were united, or rather FUSED in a single WILL, the one from which everything and everyone originates.

We just want to THANK the LORD from the bottom of our heart, because it raised in the heart of the organizers the desire to create this wonderful moment of fraternal communion in the CHURCH.

I wish all those who read this testimony to have this experience and to all of us who have already had that experience  to re- experience it

Lanzafame Antonella


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