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COMMUNICATION n°. 3 About the process of Beatification and Canonization of the Servant of God LUISA PICCARRETA

Trani November 1st 2012

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The joy of witnessing the growth of this reality is accompanied by the concern to extend to all
a heartfeit appeal for unity and the mutual esteem, rejecting "quarreling and jealousy" as one who
waits for the advent of the "fullness of day" (Rm 13:11-14). If we Iive in the Iight ofthe Divine Will
we cannot but cuitivate in ourselves the fruits of mutual Charity, for "anyone who claims to be in the
Iight but hates his brother is stili in the darkness," (l Jn 2:9).
I still observe with sorrow that "the doctrine of the Divine Will has not always been presented
in a correct and respectful way, according to the doctrine and the Magisterium of the Church, putting
remarks in the mouth of Luisa that are not even impiicitly found in her writings. This provokes a
trauma in corisciences and even confusion and rejection among the people and by some Priests and
Bishops" (Letter of March 9, 2006). ·
Therefore, it is my duty to point out some directions in a way that is clear for all.
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