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Regulations of the service structure named "Family of the Divine Will"

Trani, April 23, 2019

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Having regard to the request of the aforementioned Association by letter dated 03.26.2019 (Prot. No. 3/20 19) pursuant to art. 5 § 3 of the aforementioned Statute, which already establishes the service structure named "Family of the Divine Will" to acknowledge canonically recognized Associations, with headquarters in Italy or abroad, that in respect of their own juridical, territorial, operative, and patrimonial autonomy express their willingness to work together with the “Association Luisa Piccarreta – Little Children of the Divine Will " and amongst themselves, for the purpose of a synergistic collaboration, to promote spirituality and the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta as well as the formation and diffusion of the doctrine of the Divine Will; 

by virtue of Our Ordinary Power,


the Regulations of the aforementioned service structure named "Family of the Divine Will" attached to this decree.
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