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Baptism of the Lord

We are baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire.

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Today is the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. The page from the Gospel emphasizes that, when Jesus had received baptism from John in the River Jordan, “the heavens were opened” to him (Mt 3:16). This fulfills the prophecies. In fact, there is an invocation which the liturgy has us repeat during the Season of Advent: “O that thou wouldst rend the heavens and come down” (Is 64:1). If the heavens remain closed, our horizon in this earthly life is dark and without hope. Instead, in celebrating Christmas, once again faith has given us the certainty that the heavens have been rent with the coming of Christ. And on the day of the baptism of Christ we continue to contemplate the heavens opened. The manifestation of the Son of God on earth marks the beginning of the great time of mercy, after sin had closed the heavens, raising itself as a barrier between the human being and his Creator.

With the birth of Jesus the heavens open! God gives us in Christ the guarantee of an indestructible love. From the moment the Word became flesh it is therefore possible to see the open heavens. It was possible for the shepherds of Bethlehem, for the Magi of the East, for the Baptist, for Jesus’ Apostles, and for St Stephen, the first martyr, who exclaimed: “Behold, I see the heavens opened!” (Acts 7:56). And it is possible for each one of us, if we allow ourselves to be suffused with God’s love, which is given to us for the first time in Baptism by means of the Holy Spirit. Let us allow ourselves to be invaded by God’s love! This is the great time of mercy! Do not forget it: this is the great time of Mercy!

When Jesus received the baptism of repentance from John the Baptism, showing solidarity with the repentant people — He without sin and with no need for conversion — God the Father made his voice heard from heaven: “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased” (v. 17). Jesus receives approval from the heavenly Father, who sent him precisely that he might accept to share our condition, our poverty. Sharing is the true way to love. Jesus does not dissociate himself from us, he considers us brothers and sisters and he shares with us. And so he makes us sons and daughters, together with him, of God the Father. This is the revelation and source of true love. And this is the great time of mercy!

“Does it not seem to you that in our own time extra fraternal sharing and love is needed? Does it not seem to you that we all need extra charity? Not the sort that is content with extemporaneous help which does not involve or stake anything, but that charity that shares, that takes on the hardship and suffering of a brother. What flavour life acquires when we allow ourselves to be inundated by God’s love!” (Pope Francis)

And now let us renew the great grace of our baptism. « I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me comes one who is more powerful than I... He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire». I am baptized in the name of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit; I am consecrated in the Holy Spirit, I am the temple of the Holy Spirit and the fire of His love.

It's beautiful when babies are baptized. Every newborn child is a gift of joy and hope, and each baby that is baptized is a miracle of faith and a celebration for the family of God.

It’s important when the priest baptizes young people or adults. Baptism is Christian life for all of us. Every day we should experience the grace of our baptism, we should grow and mature in it, to realize a true and full life before God and before our neighbor, for ourselves and for the good of others, who are our true brothers.

“The heavens were opened”! On March 10, 1935, Jesus said to Luisa  that whatever is done in the Divine Will does not remain at the low level of the earth, but departs for Heaven, to take its royal place in the Celestial Fatherland. Heaven is always open for one who lives in the Divine Will. The Divine Will lowers Itself and does together with the creature whatever she does. It loves together, It works, It prays, suffers, adores, repairs and loves so much these acts done together with It, that It does not leave them at the low level of the earth, but takes them up with It into the Celestial dwelling, to let them take their royal place as conquests made in the low world, which belong to It and to Its beloved creature.

Whatever is done in the Divine Volition belongs to Heaven – the earth is not worthy to possess it. And – oh! the security, the happiness, that the creature acquires thinking that her acts are in the Divine Fiat’s power, and are present in Heaven as her properties, not human, but Divine, waiting for her, wanting to court her and form her throne of glory. The love, the jealousy, the identification that the Divine Will feels with these acts done in It is so great, that It does not even leave them inside the creature, but keeps them with Itself as births of Its life and births of the creature, so as to enjoy them and feel the delight of being loved, and as an anticipation It must give her of the glory in the Celestial Fatherland.

These acts done in the Divine Will act as narrators of the love story between the Creator and the creature, and there is no greater delight than hearing the narration of how much God has loved, how His love reaches the excess, to the point of lowering Himself, wanting to do what the creature does together with her. Not only this, but she narrates to Him her love, as she has received His act into her own; therefore a reciprocal love is formed between one and the other, that makes us mutually happy. Oh! how beautiful it is to see that while she is still crossing the exile, her acts are in Heaven, as conquests of God, which He made in the human will. And each taking their office, some love Him the way He can love, some adore Him with divine adorations, and some form for Him celestial melodies, to sing hymns to Him, praise Him and thank Him for the great portent of the operating of the Divine Will.

don Marco
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- 1/13/2019
Muchas gracias. A ejemplo de Juan, que Jesús crezca en nosotros y nosotros nos hagamos menos. Hasta que hora Jesús sea Todo y nosotros nada. Dios los bendiga en Su Voluntad, siempre!