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Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Following the Risen Christ, Fullness of Time

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Dear brothers and sisters, Fiat!

"The time is fulfilled."

These are the first words of Jesus in the Gospel according to Mark and they are a program of life.

When we hear "the time is fulfilled," we should not think of chronological time, made up of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years. We are immersed in this chronological time, we are slaves to this time, because our daily life is all programmed and conditioned by the schedules of work, of daily commitments, of the many activities to be carried out day after day. We are always in a hurry and we risk not living well the quality of time in our lives. Everything we do cannot escape the chronology of time, but it is up to us to make each of our actions and each phase of our lives a qualitative time. Now, Jesus tells us that "the time is fulfilled," that is, we are in the "fullness of time."

What does it mean to "stand in the fullness of time"? It means discovering that the presence of Jesus can become for us the "fullness of time". Jesus can become the One who gives the real touch of quality to our every action in the chronology of the time of our life. According to Mark, when we think of the historical Jesus, who inaugurated His public mission in Galilee, the physical presence of Jesus was already a great gift for the people who were lucky enough to see Him, witnessing His works and listening to His preaching. . But for us Christians, after everything has been definitively accomplished in the mystery of Jesus' death and resurrection, the fullness of time is now given to us by the presence of the Risen Christ who gives us the Holy Spirit, to live a renewed life in our relationships.

To live for Christ, with Christ and in Christ who is risen among us, is to live the fullness of time. It is to make our lives a qualitative time, a time of grace, a time filled with the presence of the risen Christ in our lives, through the action of the Holy Spirit, who dwells in our hearts.

To live for Christ, with Christ and in Christ, the fullness of our time, is to live from His living Presence in the Word of God that is prayed, listened to, meditated upon personally and in the Christian community that is gathered in liturgical assembly.

It is to experience the Presence of the Risen Christ in the Eucharist, which makes us experience the deepest meaning of living the chronological time of our life with quality: that is, to be in communion, to be in unity, in God the Holy Trinity and in communion with one another as brothers and sisters, all beloved children of the one Father.

To live for Christ, with Christ and in Christ who is risen, the fullness of our time, is to feel His living presence in the Christian community; it is to feel with joy that we are the Body of Christ, living members of the Body that is the Church, my community with all its merits and defects.

It is to live the presence of the Risen Christ in the encounter with the poor, with those who suffer. Jesus is present in every person who suffers, in every person who experiences the radical poverty of his or her human condition and entrusts himself or herself to the provident and merciful love of the Holy Trinity with humility and trust. Let us not forget that the Kingdom of God belongs to the poor in spirit.

In the passage of September 23, 1906, Jesus says to Luisa that operating for Christ and in Christ makes the human work disappear completely, because by operating in Christ, since Christ is fire, He consumes the human work, and after He has consumed the human work, His fire makes it rise again into a divine work. Therefore, operate always together with God, as if you were both doing the same thing together; if you suffer, suffer as if you were suffering together with God; if you pray, if you work, do everything in Him and with Him. In this way you will lose the human works completely and will find them again as divine. Oh, how many immense riches creatures could acquire, but they do not avail themselves of them.

don Marco
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