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In creating man, God covered him with the Sun of the Divine Will.

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In the Book of Genesis, it’s the first time that God appears in the narrative, after the sin of Adam and Eve. It’s significant that Adam, after he wasn’t able to listen to the Lord, now perceives God  through listening.

We understand that God is not far from Adam and Eve; it is as if He were walking with them familiarly, because He is not a God like the one suggested by the serpent.

Adam and Eve hide themselves from Him because, in their image of God, inculcated by evil, God appears as someone to be afraid of.

God reveals Himself not to condemn. His first word is: "Where are you?"  So, God goes in search of  man, He does not say, "What did you do?" , Expression that belongs to the legal world.

Adam and Eve are invited to "say" what they did, in this way they become aware of their mistake; before God and thanks to His questions, their conscience reawakens.

The apparition of God who investigates and goes in search of man, reveals a God who saves man and who wants to help him discover that, despite everything, life can continue.


On December 12, 1926, Jesus told Luisa that in creating man, the Divinity placed him inside the Sun of the Divine Will, and all creatures in him. This Sun served as garment not only for his soul, but its rays were such as to cover also his body, in such a way as to serve as more than a garment for him, rendering him so adorned and beautiful that neither kings nor emperors have ever appeared so adorned as Adam appeared, with this garment of most refulgent light, the beautiful garment of the light of the Sun of the Divine Will; and since he possessed this garment of light, he had no need of material garments in order to cover himself. As he withdrew from the “Divine Fiat”, so did light withdraw from his soul and from his body; he lost his beautiful garment, and in seeing himself no longer surrounded with light, he felt naked. Feeling ashamed in seeing that he was the only one to be naked in the midst of all created things, he felt the need to cover himself, and he made use of superfluous things, created things, to cover his nakedness.


During His crucifixion, Jesus saw His garments divided and His tunic gambled away, as His Humanity rose again He took no other garments, but He clothed Himself with the most refulgent garment of the Sun of His Supreme Will. That was the same garment as the one which Adam possessed when he was created, because in order to open Heaven, Jesus’ Humanity was to wear the garment of the light of the Sun of His Supreme Will – a royal garment; and as it gave Him the insignia of King and dominion into His hands, He opened Heaven to all the redeemed ones; and presenting Himself before His Celestial Father, Jesus  offered God  the garments of His Will, whole and beautiful, with which Jesus’ Humanity was covered, so as to make Him recognize all the redeemed ones as Our children. So, while It is life, at the same time the Divine Will is the true garment of the creation of the creature, and therefore It holds all rights over her. But how much do they not do to escape from within this light? Therefore, we should always be in this Sun of the Eternal Fiat, and Jesus will help us to maintain us in this light.


The passage of the Gospel begins with a customary fact: Jesus is surrounded by the crowd; the influx of people is so large that He can’t even stop to eat. This reveals to us also a characteristic of Jesus: His dedication hides a great love for men. He is aware of being their "shepherd". There is an urgent need to teach, to show people the way to the Father.

Faced with Jesus’ dedication,  His relatives interpret everything as madness.

It seems that Jesus takes a distance from Mary, yet in his treatise on virginity St. Augustine wrote that Mary was rather blessed by receiving the faith of Christ than by conceiving the flesh of Christ.

So, Jesus teaches us that the bonds of blood do not open to understanding and deep communion with the Son of God and do not base our belonging to the family of Christ that is the Church. What is decisive and discriminating is the decision to become disciples of Jesus; it is obedience to the Divine Word that introduces us into the kingdom of the Father.

In this context, the true devotion to Mary is to accept her invitation at Cana in Galilee:: "Do whatever he tells you " (John 2: 5).

We should consider with amazement and thanksgiving Mary's obedience, the Yes She said not only at the time of the Annunciation but constantly, to beneath the Cross.

Let’s ask the Most Blessed Virgin Mary for the strength “to do" in us, as She did first, the will of the Father experiencing her love and faithfulness.

Let’s rediscover the right devotion to the Virgin Mary, don’t relegate it only to a period of the year, but allow it to be an essential part of our faith.



don Marco
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