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Acts in the Divine Will: Union with Jesus

“A soul united to God transforms her most mundane actions into divine actions and into His praise and glory” (Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity)

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What makes the heart of Jesus burn the most is to see the creatures doing their utmost for Him, who want to live and unite with Him.

He Himself calls them to know Him and the center of His heart: the Divine Will, which gave beginning to all created things and which is present in the creature herself, is simply covered, overshadowed by the human will.

And from this knowledge comes union with Him, the desire (of the creature) for an ever more solid bond formed through the fulfillment of even greater and more intimate acts, immersed in the Divine Will, “imbued” with the Divine Will until the complete possession of the Divine Will, the first purpose of Creation and Redemption.

Let us not forget that the fixed point of all the works of Jesus with the creature is recorded in the title of Luisa’s Diary: “The Kingdom of My Divine Will in the midst of creatures, the creature in the order, in her place and in the purpose for which she was created by God”.

Jesus, as a true instructor, undertakes with the creature (through Luisa) a gradual and constant training course, teaching and inviting her to a continuous “exercise” of invoking assistance from Him, of “doing” together everything. By calling on the Divine Will with a “prevenient act” at the beginning of each day, It is to be the protagonist of the countless daily acts that are accomplished in a day.

Act, which must be supported by the intention and action so that one may begin to live life in the Divine Will, must become “actual act”. The prevenient act is when the soul, from the first rising of the day, fixes her will in that of Jesus and decides and confirms that she wants to live and operate only in His Will.  She precedes all of her acts and makes them all run in the Divine Will. With the prevenient will, the Sun of the Divine Will rises, the life of Jesus remains duplicated in all the acts of the creature. However, the prevenient act can be shadowed, obscured by human ways, by one’s own will, but the actual act has the virtue of raising so many other suns in which the life of Jesus remains duplicated, but with such vividness of light and heat so as to form as many new suns, one more beautiful than the other. But both are necessary. The prevenient lends the hand, disposes and forms the plane for the actual. The actual preserves and expands the plane of the prevenient.

Every act must be an encounter with Him, the Beloved, so that He may be satisfied by it and raise it to a divine act, because everything must be done with Him, for Him, and in Him. Only through Him do our acts change into divine. Through union with Jesus in our acts, we sense a new charge, a new power, a divine strength that is no longer a human strength. And what will be the wonder of the creature herself in seeing her acts, her smallest, most insignificant actions transformed into great things.

It is Luisa herself who asks Jesus how it can be that with the simple intention in operating, even in the smallest things, while considering them as nothing, it seems that the sole intention of union with Jesus and to please Him alone fills them and He elevates them in that supreme way, making them appear like great things.

Human life is a continuous activity of acts and actions, both external and internal. Though the work of the creature is empty, even if it may be a great work, union with Jesus, the simple aim of pleasing Him alone, fills this void.  And since His operating, even a breath, infinitely exceeds the works of all creatures together, here is the cause that renders every work of the creature so great and that gives value to her acts.

In every act done in union with Jesus, there is a spiritual value that goes beyond visible action, especially for those who enter into communion with His Humanity.

The next step is the sharing of the moments of the earthly life of Jesus and of Mary, making those moments our own. Their Fiat was the beginning of a life that would change the fate of creatures. Their work was all at the mercy of the Divine Will.

And again Jesus explains to Luisa that those who use His Humanity as a means to carry out their actions come to nourish themselves with the fruits of His Own Humanity and to feed themselves with His Own food. Furthermore, is it not the good intention that makes man holy and the bad intention that makes him perverse? They don’t always do different things, but with the same actions one is sanctified and the other is perverted.

The actions of a soul who uses the Humanity of Christ as a means to operate, even for just a thought, a breath, an ordinary act, are like many gems that come out of His Humanity and present themselves before the Divinity; and since they come out of the Humanity of Jesus, they have the same effects of His operating when He was on earth.

Our inheritance is in the Humanity of Christ. In His Humanity, Jesus operated with His Divine nature, redoing “for everyone in general and for each one distinctly” everything that everyone should have done for God, with His gaze on all the acts of the creatures: the possible acts to be done and not done and the same good acts badly done. In His redemptive action, He went retracing all the acts of the creatures in order to make them His Own and to give to the Father on behalf of creatures a divine glory, adoring, suffering, praying, thanking, and repairing for all, giving the same acts of the creatures the value, love, and kiss of the Eternal Will.

The union of acts and therefore of the human works with those of Jesus is a guarantee to be saved. It is a guarantee to gather, as from a field worked together, the fruits of the Kingdom. Jesus asks Luisa if one who works on His Land united to Him could ever harvest on a land that’s foreign to Him. No, of course not. So whoever unites his operating to Him, it is as if he were working on His land and will, therefore, have to reap in His Kingdom.

The soul herself, as long as she is a pilgrim, cannot understand all of the good and the love that passes between the creature and the Creator, for her operating - the speaking, the suffering, every thought, heartbeat, and movement - is all in the life of Jesus; and only by doing so can she dispose good for all. So much is the union, the tightness that passes between the two, that the Creator is the organ and the creature the sound; the Creator the sun, the creature the rays; the Creator the flower, the creature the fragrance. Can one ever be without the other? No, of course not.

All the acts of the creature, done or to be done, renewed by the redemption of Jesus, are as if “suspended” in the Divine Will and waiting for man to accomplish them in his life as his own acts. Thus the “creative Fiat” and the “redeeming Fiat” reach their fulfillment in the “Fiat” that Jesus is waiting to say with us and in us.

So how can we redo our life as if we had always lived it in the Divine Will since birth?

With an act of our will: freely intending, through the Humanity of Jesus, to redo in the Divine Will every moment and act of our existence, from when we were born to the last act we will do, uniting our just conceived little humanity to the just conceived little humanity of Jesus. Taking life in the Will of God the Father, as Jesus took His, and binding all of our wailings to His wailings, our every breath to His, and our every thought to His. That same life that Jesus lived for each of us, how He would have wanted us to live it, to make it our own, to repeat it, act by act, without letting even one of those which He lived escape, all for the praise and glory of God Our Father.

The soul in My Will is simplified

and together with Me she multiplies herself in all, doing good for everyone.

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- 11/4/2021
Thank you Riccardina, beautiful! Could you please provide the Chapters of the Book of Heaven, especially for "redoing our life since birth"? Thank you and God Bless You, Felipe Miami, Florida