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Cntinue the flight there where I call you

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A few days ago I meditated on a passage from 1919 where Jesus says to Luisa:

"My daughter, do not sadden the work of your Jesus with your fears, and continue the flight there where I call you "

Here you are once again Jesus, you amaze me and leave me almost breathless because I understand that you have said these words for me today too ... You are within us and it is really true that you scrutinize us and know well everything that disturbs our hearts. Above all you know those changes that life suddenly puts before us, destabilizing us, but you also make us understand that whatever change there will be, nothing can ever separate us.

Many times in life we find ourselves having to face unexpected changes, the spontaneous reaction is almost always one of rebellion because our will is often clinging to the stability of the moment we live.

But staying fixed prevents us from experiencing new realities. If we do not give rise to negative thoughts but we venture, always abandoned in the arms of our celestial Father, we will understand that the road has already been traced for us and nothing will make us go back. We will feel we want to continue walking in the footsteps of Jesus.

Living as children does not exclude us from facing painful experiences but it is right there in the suffering that there is the true encounter that opens the way and gives us light to live on earth with our gaze towards Heaven.

Luciana Iannone
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