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"For me Corato is synonymous with the Divine Will"

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The Divine Will wanted me to come to Corato... To be honest, I have no real goal. I think Jesus has it, and that is enough for me.

A few months ago I felt it would happen, but I didn't know then that it would come true in this time, in the Lord's time.

For me Corato is synonymous with the Divine Will and Luisa Piccarreta.

Through the truths of the Book of Heaven, I learned to love, especially my enemies.

Merging myself in the Divine Will of Jesus, I love all creatures, in the Hours of Passion we ask Jesus that if He wants us to be love He will teach us, because we alone do not know how to love the very Good that is Him.

Luisa is a soul who has learned to love and this is what I also desire, she is teaching me to understand the meaning of my existence, and this is why I love the Divine Will, because It gives n me the knowledge to know who Jesus is and who I am.

I love the Divine Will because by merging myself in It, I can love God and thank Him for everything.

I love the Divine Will because it restores to us the dignity of being totally children of the Father.

I love the Divine Will because it shows me the immense value of the Fiat through our Mother Mary and her little daughter Luisa.

I love the Divine Will because it has penetrated the depths of my soul and the breath of my being, the beating of my heart, and the steps of my feet.

How grateful I am because among millions of souls, the Father has called me by name, showing me His Will in His Son and healing my soul with the maternal love of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

I thank you Luisa for your eternal Fiat and for your total dedication to Jesus. I thank you for your testimony so that I could be here today to write you a thank you and an I love you on behalf of all souls of all times.

I merge my Fiat in yours.

Fiat in Eternity.

Victoria Gallegos


La Redazione
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