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Give = Forgive

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In English the verb forgive comes from the Latin perdonare, which means to give thoroughly and wholeheartedly. To forgive is to wholeheartedly give it up. It’s an offering, and act of “oblation.”

When God created us, He gave us all heavenly characteristics by gift. God gave us everything by gift, He gave us the gift of light, the gift of love, the gift of patience, the gift of fortitude and also the material gift.

When Jesus became incarnate, He wanted to give us forgiveness: 'Jesus saves us by gift.' When we think of forgiveness, we must therefore always think that it was given to Me as a gift. In instituting the Eucharist, Jesus said, "Do this in remembrance of Me" that is, 'as I have done': by giving, by making a gift of ourselves to others. The Church, therefore, is a gift and together with the priests is the basis of salvation, It gives the gift it has received, that is why the Church forgives. The priest who absolves from sins says, "I forgive you," which means, I give you by gift this absolution. At the beginning of the Holy Mass, the priest says, " let us acknowledge our sins," Through the confession of our sins, God forgives our sins, and gives us back the gift of Himself, the gift of His closeness, the gift of Light to participate in the Holy Eucharist.

Through Holy Baptism we became children of God, God forgave our sins, and gave us as a gift the life of grace. When we were baptized we were incorporated into God. We are the life of God within God, within the Trinity, we became children by-gift, as a gift from God.  Forgiveness also circulates in the Trinity, the Three Divine Persons offer each other 'as a gift.'

This characteristic of Gift is the fundamental basis for the Mystical Priestly Mother and her priestly son; the Mystical Mother spiritually adopts a priest. She not only prays for him but shares with him, in Divine Will her priestly life, a life of offering to Christ and His Church. The mystical mother has received as a gift her priest son (whose name she will know only in Heaven), but she receives remission of sins from her priest son. So Forgiveness is a gift that is simultaneously received and given.

This word 'by-gift' should also circulate within us. We have received life by gift, we speak by gift, we walk by gift, we contemplate the blue sky, the stars, the sea, everything by gift. Everything is a gift. Forgiveness is the greatest gift that can be given, it is the most complete and immense gift.




Suor Assunta
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