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"I want to become a priest in the Divine Will"

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It was a moment of true grace to have shared time with Gabriel, a young boy from Australia. Gabriel who turned 21 in March last year, is a second year Seminarian in Holy Spirit Seminary in Brisbane, Australia. He has grown up living in, and with, the Divine Will since he was 6 months old. His parents have been reading and living the Awesome Gift of the Divine Will for nearly 20 years, and for most of that time they have been facilitating a DW study/prayer group which now extends to souls zooming from New Zealand and India. Marina, Gabriel's mother wrote an email to the Association announcing the arrival of her son. She said: “The Divine Will is the very 'AIR' that we breathe, and we've built the foundations of our Marriage, home, family life and raising of our 2 kids (now adults who are 27 and 21 yrs old) on this Firm and Sure Foundation”.

From the age of 7 when Gabriel made his First Holy Communion he has desired to be a Priest, but not only that: he has desired to be a priest in the Divine Will.  "After receiving Jesus for the first time, I felt this call in my heart, through our Heavenly Mother" And that desire never wavered, waned or took a backseat even as he lived his childhood and adolescent years. He entered a discernment house soon after he graduated from high school, and from there entered into the Seminary.

In December 2022 his seminary planned a pilgrimage to Rome (as part of their formation). Gabriel prayed that, if it was Divine Will, he could stay a few extra days in Italy and visit Luisa's tomb and house in Corato. And so it was; after spending the days in Rome, his Rector granted him permission to stay back by himself for a few extra days.

"The Divine Will wanted me to come to Corato. A copy of the 24 Hours of the Passion was given to my mother 21 years ago. From that point onwards the Divine Will has been my family’s one focus, Fiat has been our motto, God’s Kingdom all that we seek”.

“I told Gabriel that Jesus doesn't do anything randomly”- Marina wrote in her message to the Association. “Everything He does is for the purpose of making the Kingdom of His Divine Will known, loved and lived. So early on in Gabriel’s priestly formation Jesus wants him to encounter the beauty and charisma of Luisa in order to fragrance his priestly formation with the Celestial Truths of the Divine Will, and together with Jesus and our Celestial Mother, Luisa and St. Hannibal  will lead and guide him into the very Womb of the Three Divine Persons, into the inaccessible Life, Light and Love of their Trinitarian Will”.

“I love the Divine Will because it is life" - Gabriel said "The more I read the writings and do my acts in Jesus, the more my love grows and deepens. 

 Sweet Luisa, you were a true delight for our Preciuos Lord. With how much love he embraced your little souI. I pray you to take my hand in yours and help me to always be faithful and attentive to the Divine Will. I Have my desire for souls to yours and our Jesus, let me do all I can for God’s Kingdom”.

Antonella Bucci
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- 1/11/2023
Thanks for this news Antonella ! Gabriel, may the Lord bless and grant your heart's desire ! For His greater glory and the good of Humanity.