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If the soul suffers with love she finds Jesus

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In a passage dated April 16, 1918, Jesus tells Luisa that He is as though wrapped within the pains of creatures, and if the soul suffers with patience, with love, she tears the wrapping that covers Him, and she finds Him. Otherwise, He remains hidden in the pain, she will not have the good of finding Him, and He will not have the good of revealing Himself.

Often in our life journey, we may find ourselves at a dead end, feeling alone and abandoned because of mistakes, obstacles and mishaps.

It might happen in this situation that we feel Jesus is far away, but He is there, ready to comfort us. Pain prevents us from seeing Him, from hearing Him. Instead, this is not the case. We are not alone in our pain. We are more united than ever with Jesus who is there ready to welcome our bitterness, caressing us without any judgment of the mistake we have made.

If we recognize Jesus in these painful situations, our pain is halved and we feel an inexplicable inner serenity in the midst of the storm.

Jesus feels an irresistible force to spread Himself toward creatures. He would like to spread His Beauty to make us all beautiful; but we, dirtying ourselves with sin, reject the Divine Beauty. He would like to spread His Love; but loving what doesn’t belong to God, we live numb with cold, and His Love is rejected. Jesus would like to communicate all of Himself to us, concealing us completely within His own qualities, but He is rejected. And in rejecting Jesus, we form a wall of division between Him and us, to the point of breaking all communications between us and our Creator. But in spite of this, Jesus continues to spread Himself. He does not withdraw, in order to find at least someone who would receive His qualities. And if Jesus find him, He redoubles His graces, He increases them a hundredfold for him. He pours all of Himself into him, to the point of making of him a portent of grace.

Only the Light of Faith within us can make us see and recognize Him who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Jesus communicates His love to us and overshadows us with His own qualities right there in that painful state in which we find ourselves.

At the end of the same passage, Jesus says to Luisa: “Remove this oppression from your heart: pour yourself into me and I will pour Myself into you…Have no concern about anything and I will do and take care of everything”.

If we surrender ourselves confidently to Jesus, the "fire" of His divine love will take upon itself all evils to fill us with all divine goods.

Luciana Iannone
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