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In the footsteps of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Via Francigena in Pink”

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The first edition of the ‘European Festival of the Via Francigena’ was dedicated to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta. It was organized by the Committee of the Southern Via Francigena and was held in Corato on October 26-27. The theme was "The Feminine Way. Sensitivity in human and natural landscapes".

Along the Via Francigena, the life of the servant of God was retraced through the places of the city of Corato and the countryside, linked to her. Many people accepted the invitation, not only from Corato, but also from the neighboring countries: students, individuals or groups, accompanied by their family or friends. They were amazed to hear that Corato is a land blessed by God, and that it is mentioned several times in the writings of the Little Daughter of the Divine Will. They learned that Luisa "the Saint" is not only the woman they heard about from their parents or grandparents, known to them on a popular level. But Luisa is the one who, through her 36 volumes, talked and continues to talk to us about God's love through the great Gift that God himself wants to give to all humanity: to live the Divine Will, to make us live with one Will, that of God! Luisa is, therefore, ‘the treasure hidden in the field of Corato’, which everyone should rediscover!

The Francigena route was also embellished with the reading, by the ‘Teatro delle Molliche’, of some passages taken from the Diary of the Servant of God, in which Luisa expresses the love of God poured into the wonders of Creation. In this context, there was great interest and enthusiasm in the last step of the "Via Francigena in Rosa": the visit, on foot, to Torre Disperata, the farm where Luisa lived when she was a child

Ms Lucrezia who took part, together with a small group in the event, commented:  “During the journey we had the opportunity to admire the wonders of the landscape. When we walked through the Murge plateau, accompanied by a beautiful sunset, as we approached ‘Torre Disperata’, we perceived that we were approaching a holy place, we felt its full extent in our soul. It was wonderful to be there, in the places of Jesus and Luisa; it was moving to pray the Our Father under the mulberry tree, where Luisa took refuge to pray ... In addition, ‘Torre Disperata’is also a strategic place, from there you can see different landscapes: Rionero in Vulture, Monticchio, San Giovanni Rotondo, San Michele Arcangelo". It is the divine love that is above us, embracing everything and everyone, like the Sun with the majesty of its light and the beneficial influence of its heat

Ms. Angela Maria - another of the volunteers participating in the spiritual trekking, said: "In this experience, in addition to the spiritual dimension, it was really nice to see how different realities have perfectly blended in making available their own gifts each other: the rural guards, with their logistical support, the Via Francigena Committee with its welcome, and the Luisa Piccarreta Association with the spiritual dimension". Because in Jesus everything is harmony, nothing is discordant! All created thing, from the greatest to the smallest, teach us that, despite the diversity of their offices, one is their value, one is their life, one is their origin: The Divine Fiat.

We hope that these events can help us to raise our gaze ever more towards Heaven and to make us rediscover the beauty and gifts that the Lord continually gives us in our daily life:

 “My daughter, I did not make man for the earth, but for Heaven; his mind, his heart, and everything that his interior contains are to exist in Heaven.

 Your eye always on high; you belong to Heaven – operate for Heaven”.

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