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Living the Lentan season with "The Twenty-Four Hours of the Passion "

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The season of Lent  calls us to associate ourselves with the Passion of Jesus. A useful help is given to us by  "The Twenty-Four Hours of the Passion ". It  is a book that was written and experienced by the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, since her young age. She daily immersed herself in the contemplation of the sufferings of Our Lord.

The Twenty-Four Hours of the Passion is a book that has spread all over the world since 1915 thanks to the work of Saint Annibale Maria di Francia.

Jesus said to Luisa: " When I hear these Hours of my Passion, I hear my own voice, my own prayers. In that soul I see my Will - that is, wanting the good of all and repairing for all - and I feel drawn to dwell in her, to be able to do what she herself does within her. Oh, how I would love that even one single soul for each town did these Hours of my Passion! "(Vol 11- October 11, 1914)

So, following Luisa's example, the Association Luisa Piccarreta begins the meditation of The Hours of the Passion on Ash Wednesday, continuing it until Good Friday, through a personal meditation but above all with the formation of "living clocks": groups of 24 people who commit themselves to meditate each day, one of the Twenty-four Hours. So in one day the whole book is prayed.

We invite everyone to unite in this contemplation, remembering that Jesus likes the meditation of His Passion so much, in fact, He promises to grant many divine graces to those who will meditate on them

Best wishes for a holy and fruitful Lent.


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