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Luisa - an instrument in God's hands

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My dear heaven friend. I’m pleased to come and visit up to Corato from very far away. You changed my way to love Jesus. I, from the bottom of my heart ask you for the Divine Will grace for my daughters, my family and every creature from the past, present and future to know (you) Jesus by you. (Lidia with her daughter Paulina from Mexico)

In a letter to Frederick Abresch dated August 20, 1942 Luisa wrote:

…How I’d love to give all my life to make everyone know the Divine Will! These are the sighs, the anxieties, the follies of love of dear Jesus, who wants to make the Divine Will known to all, so that It may be possessed, because when we possess It, It works the most beautiful wonders and the greatest prodigies in our souls. Without It, we are as many crippled; with It, everything is beauty and sanctity, such as to enrapture God Himself. And then, to live of Will of God means to love God with His own Love; and since the Divine Will is everywhere, we love Him for all and in all, even in the Saints and in the Queen of Heaven, who feels glorified more by those who want to love God with His own Heart. What the Divine Will does in one who lives in It is unspeakable, incomprehensible, and so amazing as to astonish Heaven and earth; even the Angels remain speechless. There is nothing that could glorify God more, that could raise us more to His likeness, that could preserve more, within us, His Divine Sanctity, His beauty and freshness, the firmness in good and the order of His wisdom, than living in His Will.


Therefore, at any cost, even giving our lives,

let us give It the right to live in us,

to dominate and to reign.

Let us fulfill our duty, both with words and in writing;

we will sow many divine seeds into the souls,

which will form the Divine Generation within their acts -

- acts which will turn into suns to give light to all…

La Redazione
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