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Mary, Mother of the Redemption

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The Blessed Virgin, Mother of God and our Mother can also rightly be called Mother of the Redemption. With her "Fiat" Mary gave free consent to the invitation of the Angel Gabriel to become the mother of Jesus " Be it done unto me according to your word" (Lk. 1:38). She uniquely cooperated with the work of redemption, as  from her "Fiat" infinitely greater than her virginal womb (cf. Lk 11,27-28), the Redeemer came.

In Mary’s "Fiat Mihi"  what God had "dreamed," what God had decreed, until the last breath of the Incarnate Word became reality. In the gift of the Incarnation there was already everything,  so the Passion, Death and Resurrection were  included and present, there was the Church, there was the Eucharist, there was the remission of sins, there was the Redemption that Jesus would have done.

Through Mary and with Mary the Father's plan has been  realized. The Word to become flesh needed the cooperation of Mary, which was accomplished thanks to her Fiat,  the Fiat that God asked her, while always maintaining respect for her freedom. What makes Mary unique in the eyes of God, is the fact she is identified with the Will of the Father. The Word, then, for everything in His life and Mission as Redeemer, wanted  from time to time  the collaboration and support of His mother.

Jesus himself said to Luisa that in each pain She was to receive, He always asked Her whether She wanted to accept it, in order to hear that ‘Fiat’ being repeated to Him in each pain, in each circumstance, and even in each heartbeat of Hers. That ‘Fiat’ resounded so sweet, gentle and harmonious to Him, that He wanted to hear It being repeated in every instant of Her life. So, we owe our Redemption also to Mary,  indispensable collaborator of Jesus’ work .

This is a truth that since the days of the early Church has been recognized to the Virgin Mary. The Immaculate Virgin is the Mediatrix of all graces with Jesus the one mediator between God and man; as our Mother, She is also "the Mother of Divine Grace" and all the graces given to men, pass through her hands. She can do anything because She is between God and man,  by being a woman and the Mother of God.

Pope Pius IX wrote that the Blessed Virgin,, sitting at the right hand of Jesus, with her dignity as Mother and Queen, obtains what she requests, nor she can remain unfulfilled. Mary has been elevated by God to this office of treasurer of all graces, because with her suffering  she was associated by God with Jesus to save mankind. She is therefore the Co - Redemptrix of mankind, so we can say with the ejaculation "Jesus, Mary, I love you! Saved souls ".

St. Pius X  said in the encyclical "Ad Diem Illum", February 2, 1904: “Owing to the union of suffering and purpose existing between Christ and Mary, she merited to become most worthily the Reparatrix of the lost world, and for this reason, the dispenser of all the favors which Jesus acquired for us by His death and His blood."

The prophecy of Simeon reveals the unparalleled co-redemptive mission of Mary “And a sword shall pierce your own soul, too” (Lk. 2:34-5).

Again  Jesus tells Luisa that in order to form the Kingdom of Redemption, the one who distinguished herself the most in suffering was His Mama. Apparently She suffered none of the pains that the other creatures knew, except for Jesus’ death which was the fatal and harrowing blow for Her maternal Heart, more than any most sorrowful death. Since She possessed the unity of the light of the Divine Will, this light brought to Her pierced Heart, not only the seven swords told by the Church, but all swords, spears and pricks of all sins and the humiliations  of her son, his torments, his thorns, his nails, the most intimate pains of His Heart. So, the Church knows only the visible pains, but if She knew that Her maternal Heart was the refuge, the deposit of all pains, the Church would not speak of seven swords, but of millions of swords. More so, since they were intimate pains, and therefore God alone knows the intensity of the sorrow. This is why, by right, She was constituted Queen of martyrs and of all sorrows.

And then Jesus says that certainly He was the first King of sorrows. Those of His Mama were nothing other than the reverberations of His which, being reflected in Her, made Her share in all His sorrows which, piercing Her, filled Her with such bitterness and pain that She felt Herself dying at each reverberation of His sorrows. Therefore, not only for honor, but also by right of justice, She was the first Queen of the immense sea of Her sorrows. It was not the sorrows that constituted His Mama as Queen and made Her shine with so much glory, but it was His omnipotent Fiat, which was braided to Her every act and sorrow, and constituted Itself life of each of Her sorrows. The  Fiat gave Her complete glory and constituted Her true and legitimate Queen.


The climax of Mary’s role as Co-Redemptrix takes place at the foot of the Cross, where the total suffering of the mother’s heart is obediently united to the suffering of the Son’s heart in fulfillment of God the Father’s plan of re­demption: “Woman, behold your son!’ Then he said to the disciple, ‘behold, your mother!” (Jn. 19:27).

 “Crucified spiritually with her crucified Son (cf. Gal. 2:20), she contemplated with heroic love the death of her God... her role as Co-redemptrix did not cease with the glorifica­tion of her Son” (John Paul II, in an Address at the Marian shrine in Guayaquil, Ecuador on January 31, 1985,).

As to Eve, so to Mary, the new Eve, God said: " with pain you will give birth to children" (Gen 3: 6). In fact,  the Virgin Mary with pain generated us  into the life of grace. Mary suffered courageously at the foot of the Cross and, closed in her pain, she adored the Will of God and submitted herself to It. Mary is the custodian of the Kingdom of Redemption, Mary continually takes care of us before the throne of the Almighty. Mary is the Co - Redemptrix of mankind, our Mother, the Refuge, the Advocate of sinners, the Comforter of the afflicted, and the powerful help of Christians. Let us entrust to Mary our hope,  during our life and She will be for us the Ark of salvation and the Rainbow of peace Rainbow after the storm.

Tonia Abbattista
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