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My Mama is all for me, and I am all for Her

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 Holy Mama,

enclose me in Your Heart,

let Your Love Burn away my miseries,

my weaknesses,

and let the Power of the Divine Fiat,

which You possess as Queen,

form Its Operating Life in me,

in such a way that I may be able to say:

“My Mama is all for me, and I am all for Her.”



Happy Mother's Day to our Holy Mother and to all mothers!

May the perfect model of life of our Celestial Mother, Queen of the Divine Will, transform the hearts of all mothers so that they may be witnesses of faith and love in their families and give to their children what Mary gave to Jesus.

From the heart of the Trinity and Mary, best wishes for a Holy Feast in the Divine Will.

Sr Assunta
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- 5/14/2023
Thank you and may your Mother's Day be Fully Expressed In the Divine Will - and what a beautiful mosaic of the Blessed Mother and young Jesus! Where is it located? Is it found there in one of the Churches in Corato? Many Goat's from m San Antonio, TX
- 5/9/2021
Thank you and a Blessed Mother’s Day!
- 5/9/2021
Fiat Mihi España Mariana en el Divino Querer desde Sevilla. Reina Mamá te amo por mi y por todos. Gracias Sor Assunta