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Relive the events of "DAYS OF LIGHT".

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Last week the "Days of Light" dedicated to our Luisa Piccarreta ended.

As we know, these days began on February 28, the day in which Luisa's confessor, Don Gennaro De Gennaro, "gave the obedience" to Luisa to write her diary, that is, her wonderful talks on the Divine Will, and ended on March 4, the day in which Luisa was born into Heaven.

On the afternoon of the 27th we rejoiced to see and hear the messages of affection from all the little children of the Divine Will scattered throughout the world. "We all want the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

On February 28, our association commemorated this very important day. In the morning we prayed together and meditated on some passages on the Divine Will in the Institute of the Daughters of Divine Zeal, where Luisa lived for ten years. On the evening of the same day, we participated in the Holy Mass at the Church of St. Joseph, in memory of Luisa's confessor, Don Gennaro de Gennaro. Don Gennaro de Gennaro was the parish priest of that church at the time and, as we have already said, he gave Luisa the obedience to write down everything that Jesus said to her.

Moreover, from February 26th to March 6th, an exhibition dedicated to Luisa was held at the church of San Vito entitled "The Mystic from Corato" in which we could admire the images related to the life of the servant of God, with some copies of her writings.

On the first of March we could listen to a conference "Una sola vita, un solo volere" (One life, one will) by the ecclesiastical assistant Don Sergio Pellegrini.  Don Sergio highlighted the intimate union that existed between Jesus and Luisa to the point of becoming "one". This is what living in the Divine Will is all about, unlike doing the will of God where there are pauses and intermittences between the soul and Jesus, that is, there is no continuity, as happens when we live in it.

Following this, on March 2, our association prepared a set of testimonies collected by the Little Sparks, the group of children who follow Luisa's spirituality, in which they recounted how they saw Luisa's transit to Heaven, with images and interviews. It was very nice to note the spontaneity of the children in imagining the "road studded with suns" that Luisa traveled before arriving in Heaven, the desire in them to imitate Luisa's perseverance, their admiration for Luisa's life and her desire to save souls and make reparation with Jesus.

On March 3rd we lived a moment of Eucharistic adoration "The Sun of my Will". It is the image of Jesus and of his firm, fixed, true love, not subject to weakness like the love of creatures. The same is true of the souls who live in the Divine Will, who are immersed in this sunlight and who enlighten whoever approaches them.

On the afternoon of March 4, St. Assunta led us to reflect on the "coin of love". Inspired by a conversation between Jesus and Luisa, Sr. Assunta designed this little coin of love and wanted to give it to us as a gift to encourage all of us to acquire the virtues and love of Jesus.

The Eucharistic Celebration to commemorate Luisa's death, was held at the Parish of S. Maria Greca and was presided over by our Archbishop Monsignor Leonardo D'Ascenzo. During this very beautiful moment much communion was perceived among us, experiencing what Jesus says in the Gospel of Matthew: "Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them." (Mt.18,15-20) The final greetings of President Vincenza Arbore highlighted the hope that this series of shared appointments may help to nourish the light of the knowledge of the Divine Will and the sense of unity and brotherhood.

"The sun of the Divine Will possesses the source of Light and by turning around it we can always draw new Light that infiltrates our hearts and generates good."

Angela Iurillo

La Redazione
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