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Take my little being in Your Will...

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“Take my little being in Your Will,

wall it around so that it will never go out again.”

(by the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta - autograph prayer on the back of a prayer card)

Littleness is very important for those who want to embark on the path of the Divine Will. "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven" (Matthew. 18:3).

God chose Luisa after the Virgin Mary. Luisa was a creature of human lineage; she was little and empty of self. Jesus wanted to deposit in her His divine treasures, His infinite graces. What is more, Jesus wanted to make Luisa a partaker of His divinity in order to allow God to live in her.

Luisa, after becoming aware of that great privilege, always felt a great need to live constantly in the Will of God. In fact, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will always felt in her life an irresistible need to cross the endless sea of the Supreme Fiat and by her acts she formed very high walls of light, reparations and adoration. Luisa felt that her very nature was lost in God.

God, in turn, as Heavenly Father, opened His bosom and enclosed Luisa within Himself to make her happy and raise her in a divine way. God clothed her in royal robes, fed her with His hands and adorned her with every rare beauty.

“There is nothing holier, greater, more beautiful, more prodigious, than the operating of my Volition in the littleness of the creature. While It operates, since she can neither enclose It nor embrace It all, because she is finite and therefore does not have the capacity to enclose the immense and the infinite, yet she takes as much as she can to the point of overflowing outside. And as It overflows, one can see the creature under a rain of light and of varied and rare beauties, inside and out, such that Our Divine Being takes so much delight in it, that We feel Ourselves being enraptured, because We see the human littleness, by virtue of Our Fiat that fills it, transmuted into the beauties of Our divine qualities, which have such strength as to enrapture Us and make Us enjoy in the creature Our pure joys and Our unspeakable happinesses.” (Vol. 28 - July 24, 1930)

Luisa recognized the Divine Gift, the Divine Grace. Luisa recognized her mission. She was called to live in the Divine Volition of Jesus in a totally special and new way. Furthermore, Luisa was called to prepare future generations for the coming of a new era, the Kingdom of the 3rd Fiat on earth.  Luisa felt all the responsibility for this and while maintaining her littleness she asked God never to leave that divine environment.

On March 24, 1903 Luisa said: ‘Lord, I am nothing but a drop of water, and as long as this drop of water remains in your sea, it seems to it that it is the whole sea. If it does not go out of the sea, it remains clean and clear…But if it goes out of the sea, it will become muddy, and because of its littleness, it will be dispersed.’

Jesus reassured Luisa by telling her that one who wants to remain always in the Divine Will keeps Jesus within himself; and even if he can go out of God’s Will since God created him free in his will, God’s power operates a prodigy by administering to him, continuously, the participation in divine life. Because of this participation he receives, he feels such strength and attraction of union with the Divine Will, that even if he wanted to go out of It, he could not do it.

 Many times Jesus said that the Holiness of living in His Divine Will holds no way, no door, no key, no room. How great is the sea of the Divine Will. It has no beginning and no end, therefore the littleness of the creature can neither cross it, nor embrace it all. However, one who lives in It finds herself on the way in the center of the sea, as it will never be given to her to go out from within its center, because she will never find either a shore or a boundary of It. On the contrary, in the front and in the back, on the right and on the left, she will find nothing but sea of Divine Will (…)

If you knew how much We delight, how happy We feel, in seeing the littleness of the creature living in the sea of Our Volition – not as a stranger, but as the owner; not as servant, but as queen; not as poor, but as immensely rich – and rich in Our conquests which she has made in Our Fiat.” (Vol. 26 - June 27, 1929)     

God created man so that he would live in His divine precincts. The human Will was to be immersed in the immensity of the Divine Will. However, man decided to repress the Divine Will; he wanted to live by his human will. Therefore, he also began to live out of his own miseries and darkness that he himself formed.


Annamaria Ardito
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- 5/27/2023
Beautiful Message. Thank you GOD BLESS YOU ALL FIAT!!!