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The great desire of Jesus' heart

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Jesus, with the inexhaustible and unparalleled sweetness of His Heart, wants us to be his disciples, so that we can understand that it isn’t the things that give our life value, but it‘s Jesus who fills our days with life, He gives the joy that lasts forever and communicates the love that doesn’t fail to appear even in the struggles of life. He only can make life an adventure.  Benedict XVI  writes: “He tells us who man truly is and what a man must do in order to be truly human”. He is the way that leads us to the full truth. “He also shows us the way beyond death; only someone able to do this is a true teacher of life..”(Spe Salvi 6).

But Jesus does not seek disciples at all costs, but wants us to spontaneously seek Him in this life of exile. He wants love, prayer and our suffering, that is the offering of our daily crosses with the heart, with faith. Only then, we can let Jesus rest peacefully and smile in the sky of our soul.

"If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself," we read in the Gospel of Luke, and with these words, Jesus wants to say to us that we have to give Him the first place in our lives and prefer Him rather than ourselves. We must allow Him to stay before us to prepare the way day after day, we must trust in Him and let Jesus provide everything according to His Will. We must accept His Will recognizing that It is good and right, and deny our will and our projects, so that He may accomplish His projects according to His Divine Will.

Jesus longs for all His creatures to love and glorify Him. He wants to reign in them as the source of all goods in order to provide for their needs. He wants us to turn to Him with great confidence, so that men’s love and gifts  can be the expression of a free, loving and spontaneous will. So He wants to be loved, honored and glorified. He wants us to open our hearts and especially He invites us to a response of love which involves our whole life, not a devotion characterized solely by prayers, He desires in short, that we long for our life to become similar to His.

Our sweetest Jesus bares his soul and heart and reveals to Luisa that as God there didn't exist in Him any desire, because the desire is born in one who does not possess everything, but who possesses everything and lacks nothing, the desire does not have reason to exist, however as man Jesus  had His desires, because His Heart was united in everything to the other creatures, so that if He  longed, He  longed for the kingdom of His Volition, if He prayed and cried and desired it was only for His kingdom that He wanted in the midst of creatures, because He being the holiest thing, His Humanity could do no less  to want and to desire the holiest thing in order to sanctify the desires of everyone and give them that which was holy and of the greatest and perfect good for them.

Jesus says that all that the creature does is none other than his  echo, that replaying in her makes her ask in His every act the kingdom of my Will. Hence therefore Jesus makes present to us every act of his, every suffering that He suffered, every tear that flowed, every step that He did, because He loves that the creature, investing them, repeat afterwards to his  every act: Jesus I love you and because I love you give me the kingdom of your Divine Volition. Jesus wants the creature  to call Him  in every act in order to make Him replay the sweet memory that His acts say Fiat Voluntas tua come Cielo così in terra/Be done your Will as in Heaven so in earth, in a way that in seeing the creature’s littleness, that makes her echo to all His  acts, putting them as an army around Him, He hastens to concede the kingdom of His  Will.”

The love of the three Divine Persons then is content, when it sees the beloved creature, in its goods filled even to the brim. How content the tree Divine Persons remain that the creature gives them her acts that give of the divine!

They feel their perfumes, they  touch their  sanctity and goodness and they feel themselves reciprocated for the crumbs that they have given her."

Let our life be an everlasting yes to God. let Jesus’ love  expropriate  us every day, to please Him in all things, let’s call the Divine Will in all our actions.

So, Jesus discloses to Luisa, and therefore also to us, His greatest wish: “may your first act be to encounter my Will; may your first thought and heartbeat be to encounter the eternal heartbeat of my Will, that you may receive all my love. Try to make continuous encounters in everything, that you may be transformed in my Will and I in yours”.

Praise be to God who deigned to show us his Adorable Divine Will.

Tonia Abbattista
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