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The "I love you" is everything!

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We came to Corato from Pavia to deepen the Spirituality of the Divine Will and to visit the places where Luisa was born and lived with Jesus in the Divine Will.

Luisa and the Divine Will enabled us to increase our love for God and awareness of His infinite LOVE for us.

Dear Luisa, reflect your love for Jesus and the Divine Will in us, so that we may reciprocate every moment of the past, present and future with our "I Love You," in reparation for the faults and sins committed by us and all creatures.

the "I love you" is everything!

The "I love you" is love, it is veneration, it is esteem,

it is heroism, it is sacrifice, it is trust toward the one to whom it is directed.

The "I love you" is to possess the One who encloses the "I love you".

The "I love you" is a little word, but it weighs as much as Eternity! (Jesus to Luisa – Vol. 17)


Stefano and Stefania from Pavia

La Redazione
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