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An extract from a testimony about Sister Franceschina Casella

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On Friday November 9th Sister Franceschina Casella, the tireless and passionate apostle of the Divine Will,  passed away. Her funeral took place on November 12th in Vicenza the place of her religious congregation “the Sisters of Saint Dorothy, Daughters of the Sacred Heart”.

I would like to present you an outline of this extraordinary nun.

Sister Franceschina, the little "little ant" of the Lord - as she loved to call herself because of the smallness and industriousness of this insect - flew into Heaven,  but, if we really think about it, it was a long time she was gone.  I will explain now why. Oh yes, because she lived in the Divine Will and always let the Lord  do ....

She told us this in many ways and without sin of pride. Among her many sentences, I would  quote three of them: "I am a zero, He does everything", "Jesus has changed me so much, I feel that Jesus lives in me".

Her favorite prayer was "I am nothing, You are everything, I have nothing, You have everything, I do nothing, You do everything". These are words that echo the famous words of St. Paul " I no longer live, but Christ lives in me". Only those who know the Divine Will - the wonderful Gift that  Jesus wants to give to humanity through our dear servant of God Luisa Piccarreta - can understand all the way.

"Don’t waste your suffering" she reminded us, quoting Jesus in Luisa's writings, "if you accept your suffering and offer it to the Lord,  it becomes money to buy Heaven and do so much good on earth”.

Sister Franceschina was really magnificent. She was little, lively, joyful, piercing and luminous eyes; she was a fire of love for Jesus and Mary becoming love for all, believers and non-believers, near and far. She gave lessons of Heaven, which were always lessons of joy, simplicity, forgiveness and humility. In short, she was one of the "little ones" who are given the keys of the Kingdom, indeed she loved children so much.

Sister Franceschina, the indefatigable Apostle of the Divine Will, organized her meetings to read the writings of Luisa Piccarreta. She always told us that we must trust in the Will of God which is love. "You do not have to reason on your own ", she repeated to those who asked questions about Luisa's writing and pretended to understand everything immediately, "let Jesus grow you and shape you ". "Jesus, I give you my will", we prayed together, " Jesus, come to live in my life with your Divine Will".

Her office was full of Luisa's books. The 24 Hours of the Passion and the Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will, along with the 36 volumes were always in her mouth, they were her breath and palpitation. Her talks in the garden were beautiful, contemplating the wonders of Creation, the colors, smells and forms of a universe that contains the glory of the Lord and where everything is a word of love for each of us.

Through her, the Divine Will, together with the Gospel, reached the palaces of institutions and politics in Rome, hospitals, schools, even dance clubs ... She appeared on TV and went to a thousand other places.  Her message was always positive and centered on the beauty of faith.

Sister Franceschina always walked with the Church, in the Church and for the Church. She loved the Church and following the unequivocal example of Luisa, saw the Divine Will in the Church, as a Gift of Heaven that would help It to heal the ills of man at the root. For this reason, the Association Luisa Piccarreta in Corato was for her an important and indispensable point of reference, even more precious when some people proposed a distorted or unbalanced interpretation of Luisa’s writings.

Her phone was on day and night. So, all those who looked for her even for a simple word now will be able to reach her more easily, just a prayer. Yes, my dear Sister Franceschina, we greet you with immense gratitude, but it is only a "goodbye", and we want to do in the way you would like: "our Fiat in the Fiat of Mary so that Jesus can have the victory over everything and everyone and finally the new world can come! "

Giovanni Roma
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- 12/6/2018
Grazie. Non ho avuto il piacere di conoscere Suor Franceschina, ma con la vostra gradita news è come se l'avessi avuto. Un saluto e un Grazie, grande, grande, a Suor Franceschina 🌹💜💛💟🌹 Fiat nei Sacri 💟 💟💟