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“They have no more wine” (Jn 2:3)

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At the center of the story is the person of Jesus, who reveals Himself as the Messiah. The sign of wine brings to light the messianic dignity of Christ and the overabundance of the messianic goods. Jesus dominates the scene and becomes the protagonist in the context of the wedding. The spouses almost never appear: the bride is never mentioned and the groom is mentioned only once and is implicitly identified with Jesus Himself, by "keeping the good wine until now” (v. 10).

The Mother occupies a prominent place in the first part of the scene (vv. 1-5), when She intervenes with a plea telling of the precarious situation taking place at the marriage feast. She is described as "the Mother of Jesus" and therefore is placed in direct relation with the protagonist. In the second part of the story, the Mother falls into the background and allows the Son to act.

It is interesting to note that in the Gospel of John, the name of Mary is not mentioned, but She is always referred to either as "woman" or as "mother". Yet, as we learn from the Gospel itself, John took Mary with him to live in his house after Jesus’ death. Why then is Mary never called by name?

Perhaps in his Gospel John wanted to emphasize Mary’s role in salvation History, identifying Her with the new "woman" (Eve) and the "mother" of all the faithful.

The importance of the role of the Mother in sharing the first sign, through her thoughtful intervention, allows us to understand Mary’s place in the revelation process of the Son and Her direct and shared participation at the time appointed by the Father. It is the Mother who reveals that the wine is lacking, being concerned for the married couple and the feast.

In the book "The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will", Mary gives Luisa another lesson on the Divine Will by presenting Her role as Mother and Queen at the wedding feast at Cana.

The heart of the Virgin Mary was swollen with love and felt the need to tell Luisa the reason why She wanted to attend the wedding feast at Cana together with Her Son, Jesus. The wedding feast was filled with profound mysteries that manifested Her great love as Mother, and the love of Her Son gave true signs of paternity and royalty for creatures.

Jesus had returned from the desert and was preparing for His public ministry, but first He wanted to go to the wedding. He did not go to celebrate but to do great things in favor of the human generations. Jesus took the place of Father and King in families and Our Lady took the place of Mother and Queen. By their presence They renewed holiness, beauty, and the order of marriage created by God in Eden, that of Adam and Eve, brought together in marriage by the Supreme Being to populate the earth, to multiply and form the future generations. Matrimony is the source of life for all generations; you might call it the tree trunk by which the earth is populated. By withdrawing from the Divine Will through sin, Adam and Eve lost their sanctity, beauty and the order of the family; and Mary our Mother, the new Eve, together with Her Son went to rearrange what God had done in Eden and constituted Herself Queen of families, asking for the grace that the 'Divine Fiat' reign in them. This was done to make sure that families would belong to Her and to keep Her place as Queen in their midst.

Jesus and Mary’s was a burning love; they wanted to make this love known and give everyone the most sublime lessons. At the best moment of the wedding feast the wine ran out and Her motherly Heart felt consumed with love, yearning to give help … Knowing that Jesus could do everything She pleaded with Him, and certain that He would listen tells Him: “My Son, they have no more wine”. He replies: “My hour has not yet come, to perform miracles”. And knowing that He would not have denied what She asked Him, She says to those who served at the table: “Do what My Son tells you and you will have what you want, indeed, you will have an overabundance.”

With these few words Our Lady gave the most useful, necessary and highest lesson to creatures. She spoke with a mother's heart and said: “My children, do you want to become saints? Do the Will of My Son; do not turn away from what He tells you and you will have His likeness, His holiness in your power. Do you want all your ills to cease? Do what My Son tells you. Do you want to ask for a grace, even if it is a difficult one? Do what He tells you and wants. Do you also want the necessary things of natural life? Do what My Son says, because in His words, in what He says and wants is contained such power that, as He speaks, His words contain what you ask for and make the graces that you desire arise in your souls”…

How often do we see ourselves full of passions, weak, distressed, unhappy, wretched; yet we pray and pray, but because we do not do what Jesus says we obtain nothing, and Heaven seems closed to us. This causes heartache to Mary, because She sees that as we pray we move away from the Source of all goods, which is the Will of God.

The servants did what Jesus told them, to "Fill the jars with water and bring to the table." Jesus blessed that water and turned it into delicious wine. A thousand times blessed is he who does what Jesus says and wants!

Through this miracle Jesus gave Mary the greatest honor – making her Queen of miracles. He wanted Her unity and prayer in granting the first miracle. He loved Her so much that He wanted to give her the first place as Queen even of miracles. And not with words, but with actions He said: "If you want miracles and graces, come to My Mother; I will never deny Her anything that She wants”.

But Mary always explained to Luisa that she looked at the future centuries and saw the reign of the Divine Will on earth; She saw families and asked them to symbolize the love of the Most Holy Trinity, to make Its Kingdom reign in all fullness. With Her rights as Mother and Queen, She took to heart Its reign, and possessing the Source offered creatures all the graces, helps, and holiness that are needed to live in a Kingdom so holy.

We do not seek more. If we want everything in our power, we become disciples and children of the Divine Will. Then Mary will commit Herself to bring about the marriage between us and the 'Fiat' and, as true Mother, will bind the marriage by giving us in dowry the very same life of Her Son and Her Motherhood as a gift with all its virtues.

Heavenly Mother,

I must thank You so much for Your great love for me,

and how in all that you do, you always have a thought for me,

You prepare me and give me such graces that together with me

Heaven and earth are moved and enraptured, and we all say to You:

“Thank you, thank you!”

O please, Holy Mother, engrave upon my heart Your holy words:

“Do what My Son tells you”,

to generate in me the life of the Divine Will,

for which I ardently sigh and desire;

And You, seal my will,

so that it will always be governed by the Divine Will.

(Luisa’s prayer)

Don Marco
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