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"To live the Divine Will we first need to know it"

Retreat 2016 Testimony

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When I was informed of the opportunity to participate in the RETREAT ON THE DOCTRINE OF DIVINE WILL  I said to myself: why not! I thought, at the very least this will be a good occasion to get away from the daily routine; the intense program scarred me a little bit and I thought that it would not be within my reach.

After living this experience I can say that I took with me not only relax, but also an abundant Knowledge.

The three days passed quickly, but they were days of intense emotions, concepts and reflections. The morning rosary was regenerating, between the scents and sounds of nature, the Eucharistic Adoration was intimate and confidential, the exchanges among the various participants were pleasant, the talks by priests who participated in this event were illuminating.

Any time left in me its mark. In particular, referring to the conferences I heard, from each of them I received the answers to my many questions that often came back to me since I began to follow the path in the Divine Will.

First, I reflected on the order in which the conferences were presented, which was providential for me and functional to my needs. Beginning with the conference written by Don Bernardo Acuña and realizing how our will can live with the Divine Will, led me to a better listening and understanding of all that was subsequently said.

Since the beginning of my path I asked myself why God had endowed us with our own will, but at the same time He wanted us to silence it in order to follow His Will. Now I understood that our will should not submit but it has to mix and merge itself with the Divine Will, so that the breath of every creature can be the same breath of the Creator. Only then, the creature can reciprocate the love that God put in the act of thinking about us and creating us.

What Monsignor Zerrillo said was simple and direct. By virtue of these benefits and tender love that God has for each of us, and because of the particular project that He wanted for every man, we can afford to have a high opinion of ourselves, and not by pure pride.

Whilst every talk expressed some deep concepts it also appeared to me easy to understand, both for the ability of the speakers to raise awareness of the Divine Will, and, I suppose, for my personal predisposition to accept it. Yes because I understood that we only need to give our willingness and Jesus with the Holy Spirit will do the rest. Of course the difficulty is this, to confirm each time our “yes” to live the Divine Will, a task to which we are all called, the ultimate goal to which the Trinity wants to lead us.

To live the Divine Will we first need to know it and we are helped here by the writings of Luisa along with the Bible and the Church's Magisterium. So I went back home with a desire to increase the knowledge of the Divine Will, to try to rise to a high category.

…These truths, according to whether they are known, will form the different categories of the souls that live in My Will. One degree of knowledge more or less will let one rise or remain in a different category." (From the writings of Luisa)

Rossella D'oria
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