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Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary

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‘Sovereign Queen,

I come to hide my little love in the great sea of your love,

my adoration toward God in the immense ocean of yours.

I hide my thanksgivings in the sea of yours;

I hide my supplications, my sighs, my tears and pains in the sea of yours,

so that my sea of love and yours may be one,

my adoration and yours may be one,

my thanksgivings may acquire the vastness of your own expanses;

my supplications, tears and pains may become one single sea with yours,

so that I too may have my seas of love, of adoration...

And just as your Sovereign Height

impetrated with this the longed for Redeemer,

so I too may present myself before the Divine Majesty with all these seas,

in order to ask, to beseech – to implore the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. My Queen Mama,

I must use your very life, your very seas of love and of graces,

to conquer It to make It concede Its Kingdom upon earth,

just as You conquered It to let the Eternal Word descend.

Don’t You want to help your little daughter by giving me your seas,

so that I may obtain that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat come soon upon earth?’

(Luisa - November 2, 1926)

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